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20 June 2010 @ 03:39 pm
session 1, round 8 voting  
Voting is under the cut, and please follow the rules. No "I don't like" or "I love it" please!



- Voting will be up until Wednesday at 3pm GMT, and all comments are screened. Please use the format below.
- You're voting for the quality of the icon, not whether or not you like it. Your reasons must be valid. (i.e.: The texture is overpowering; the color doesn't compliment the screencap; too sharpened; too smooth.) Do not use words like "I don't like it." "It's ugly." Even if you don't like the style, you are looking for the overall quality.
- This voting is simply for feedback, as only one icon was entered.
- Participants may not vote for themselves.


Voting format:

This round is slightly different as only one person entered an icon, although there are still two competitors left. I am asking you to give feedbacki by voting LIKE or DISLIKE on the icon, with a reason why. The competitor will not be eliminated but is valid to acheive People's Choice is the LIKE votes outway the DISLIKE votes.